Monday, December 29, 2008

become an ameoba

so i love LA. there are so many great fun classic places to go! one of my favorite places in hollywood is ameoba. it's a humungous record store that has a huge collection of new & used cd's, records, dvd's, posters, etc. whenever alisha and i were bored, we would pick up and go visit ameoba and buy a cd of the people that we randomly heard on the radio on the way there. it's always a blast!

{so vintage punk looking... i love it}

{there are so many weirdos around! they collect at ameoba... its so fun. i wish i had the nerve to take pictures of them}

{ma fave}

i wish there was a good store like this in pootah.

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kellycarter said...

I wish I had the nerve to take pictures of the police arresting that guy at Philippe's... oh wait, I totally tried.