Tuesday, December 23, 2008

bless my nippers, bless them all day long

more winter break fun. we ended up wanting to do crafts and kelly has been talking for ages about felting. so we went to a salv army {i call it DI pretty much all the time... ut has beat it into me} and found some silly natural fibered sweaters to felt. what you do is you put your sweaters in a washing machine with the lowest amount of water, highest agitation and highest temperature. this felts the fibers into a single piece of fabric {like felt}. then you let them air dry. it turned out to be a fun but smelly process.

{this lil retarded christmas tree is filled with christmas spirit. my sister kelly made it when she was young and my family deemed it the retarded christmas tree}

{sunsets in CA are the BEST EVER.. this one was weaksauce but still}

{the first of my sweaters... get your nose out of there SCOUT}

{the second of my two sweaters}

{first take the tags off and then put them in one of those zipper bags to keep the fluffies in}

{all snug in the washer}

{our friend BFalc came over and recorded alisha's drumming for his new christmas songs}

{felting SMELLS... they should call it smelting. its the worst. be prepared to gag}

{sweaters after the process}

{we now just wait for them to dry and then make gloves and scarves out of them}

{kelly got a new shirt from etsy... we are going to start an etsy account with this process}
{come on BFalc.. get outta town}

after the smelting felting process, we all went out for a pazookie BUT they ran out of ice cream! tragedy... but we ended up getting a certificate for free pazookie. AWESOME! then we ended off the day with a viewing of Wizard People. You can watch it all on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u981JhkK46o

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kellycarter said...

I will never get over the fact that we got a free pizookie! Best day ever (minus the smelly sweaters)