Saturday, December 20, 2008

the mad {gold?} rush back to California

UGH! my trip home was almost a disaster. first, i woke up around ten and decided to check what time my flight was leaving the following day. well, i found out that my flight was leaving at 3:15... THAT SAME DAY! it was a disaster... i still hadn't finished packing up my room and moving it to my new place. i called everyone i knew and was able to receive help from luke and dave and natalie {my roommate} and jeremy. we were able to move everything to my new house and i cleaned my old room really fast {i inhaled so much bleach that luke thought i was going to get bleach poisoning}. but i couldn't find my drivers license and my printer wouldn't print my boarding pass because it was out of ink. i WAS able to find my old drivers license and luke printed out my boarding pass. i got to the airport and my flight was delayed. luckily, EMY D. had the same flight as me so we were able to chat and commiserate. the flight home was fine and with a sigh of relief, i saw the lights of LA welcoming me.

being back in California is great... already, i've done so much. yesterday, alisha, kaki, carly and i went to santa monica and chilled at alisha's house. everything has been fine but i have a sneaky suspicion that i'm losing something. it's just a nagging feeling in the back of my head but i've been trying to ignore it.

{3rd street promanade is an outdoor shopping mall in Santa Monica}

{my little lovelies that went with me}

{this picture was hard to come by}

{back in LA traffic... YES}

{it's nice to be back in a state that has some diversity}

{jaspy and alisha were excited to see me!}

{chilling wit ma holmes}

{we decided to paint our nails while we waited for BFalc to be done watching Rudolf with his fam}

{secret punk}

{alisha foolishly ruined kaki's quick dry oil for nails}

{kaki wanted to have a photoshoot}

{do i look like penny from PeeWee's Playhouse?}

{BFalc and i laughed SO hard at Jingle Cats}

{jaspy was tired and konked out}

{PENGUINS! best froyo ever}

{you know i love lights}

{if only it was real people size}

{we thought we might crash this family's christmas party}

{my favorite!}

i have a feeling this is going to be the best Christmas break ever. it will be absolutely lovely. Also New Years is coming up which is my absolute favorite so i will for sure be having a good time.

i hope everything is going well back in ut and if you've seen my DVA bag, let me know because i'm not sure where it is right now... peace.

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