Friday, December 26, 2008

merry fishmas!

Christmas time is here!

happy holidays all! i hope it was lovely for you... it was lovely for me. i drove with the fam up to sacramento and had christmas with extended family.

{me and my cousin once removed. i quickly became his favorite}

{i have waited for this polaroid camera for so so so long... i love it}

{nativity that my uncle made for us... he's crafty like that}

{wise men}

{shepards and their lamb guys}

{perfect amount of loot}

{my mom wanted to get me a stuffed squirrel because i have wanted one for ages but couldn't afford it so she painted me one instead... so good!}

{my gramma hand sewed a christmas wreath for me and my sister! now we have our own}

{bebeh jesus... always a fight for who gets to put him on}

{i love this little angel.. she's my favorite piece}

{my gramma knits everyone stockings... we all have the same one}

{christmas mess to clean up}

{blake and his grampa playin with cars}

{we all play cards at the table.. much fun. we are all card gamers}


{the drive home was long and boring... i slept for a couple hours of it}

Christmas was absolutely wonderful


Carly said...

alyx, your grandparents are rad. your sweater is really cute. and the squirrel painting is superb!

alyx said...

thanks carlita!

Luke said...

that squirrel really is amazing. your mom is a great artist.