Friday, December 26, 2008

sleeping bags were made for sleeping bag wars


how better to bring in the holiday spirit than a rough game of sleeping bag wars? but first, BFalc and i finished recording for our podcast 60 Seconds with Bryce and Alyx. you can check it out here: . i love doing it and this time was a lot more fun than last time we recorded {sometimes we can both be in cranky moods}.

on to sleeping bag wars... basically you put a sleeping bag on yourslef and your friends head and try to knock the other person over. punch is allowed. kicking is allowed {but looked down upon}. picking up and throwing down is allowed {and encouraged}. while you do this, the others laugh at you and try to keep you from knocking over valuables and running into sharp objects. it is good fun... way more fun than i thought it would be.

{super fancy equipment that bfalc has... it even knows our names}

{bfalc! bfalcing around on the computer and expensive equip}

{my favorite... i had to get a pic}

{about to begin!}

{i love this because kelly is obviously trying to give bryce some sass but he is so clearly over it and ready to battle}

{before the fight encouragement: kelly v bfalc}

{sean prepping bryce for battle: kelly won}

{sean v alisha this time.. bryce talking sean into it}

{alisha ready for battle}

{alisha and sean duking it out}

{BAHA.. they both ended up falling at the same time and ended up accidentally spooning... "accidentally"? you tell me}

{birth that baby! basically we had to bust sean out of his sleeping bag every time}

{we were all really tired after}

during the battles, kelly and i faced off. i lost and then when we both had sleeping bags off our heads we fought again... mostly because we never feel satisfied with our fights. i would fight her any day {and lose every time}. but it was a good night for sure. oh! and right before this we ate that pizookie we got for free... it was so good. toodles!


kellycarter said...

Can we fight again tomorrow night? With or without sleeping bags.

alyx said...

yes, yes we can. i accept.