Thursday, January 8, 2009

catzup or ketchup? i vote catch up.

oh my holy goodness... it has been so long since i've updated. so consider this a happy reunion of sorts. winter break was a blast and it just was too short. doesn't everyone say that? isn't that just something you say to people you are only acquainted with?

"how was your winter break?"
"oh it was great... but too short, huh?"
"yeah they always are"

thats how that convo goes. i'm honestly not a fan and i try not to say it but in this case it was true. carly alisha sean and i went to the getty one day. it took us TWO HOURS to get there and then it was closing early because of holiday hours. we rushed around to try to find the exhibit that we wanted to see but alas, we figured out where it was after the exhibit was locked. it was still fun though.

also i went to venice because i wanted to take pictures to use for my BFA application. i have a few ideas for them up my sleeve but we'll see how it all turns out. the pictures turned out really good though.

new year's was fun. bryce kelly carly rachel shelby and i hung out, made tacos {yummmmmmmmy}, bryce was "patroned" for chocolate satin pie {he was a sweetie and bought it for us}, worked on a unicorn puzzle, banged pots and pans and stayed up late talking about life until six in the morning. it was sooooo good. i will ring in the new year in a separate entry though because i love new years and everything to do with it.

but here was the rest of my break:

{this wall is sooooo eighties. it reminds me of "Breakin"}

{this guy was roller skating around while playing the guitar. classic venice bum}

{heck yes! but i was too shy so i told him i'd give him a dollar if i could take a picture of him - this was one before i asked him because he was really bad at being candid}

{this lady was so adorable! she reminds me of a bee keeper}

{watch out tim sellon! this lady is permiscuous}

{i was too poor to have her tell me my fortune... i wish i had}

{sass mcgee}

{this man is the WALLE equivalent}

{this man goes by BEAR... and take it from me, he loves to give out free bear hugs... ullll}

{if this kid was holding a surf board, it would be a great Abercrombie add!!}

{goin to the gettttty!}

{we made it with fifteen mintes to spare}

{the tram! just like how disneyland has a tram... it's just an artsier version}

{glowy lights}

{me and my bestie}

{this is the exhibit we wanted to see more than any other. it was an exhibit on russian illustrators. so cool! i so missed out...}

{yay for our trip to getty!}

{if i wasn't a baby, i wouldve come back and seen RAIDERS at midnight}

{oh i forgot to mention! we went to see the LA lights after Getty}

{the lighted path}

{bebeh christ with lamb guys}

{fun with lightsssssies}

{palm lights}

{christmas lights are my favorite things... i bought some to take back to ut but i think i forgot them}

{sean v moroni}

{mushroom tree lights!}

so that was my winter break and i am very sad for it to be over. but very excited for the new year!

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