Saturday, January 10, 2009

love me, love my cat

if you know me, you know that i love cats... and podcasts. i listen to the podcast jordan, jesse GO! which is a podcast where two guys say things. it's my favorite. jesse loves rabbits and his wife has always bought him a bunny calendar for christmas and he's not allowed to look at the pictures until the first day of every month.

around july of last year, i found a 2009 cat calendar for exactly $1.00 and in the hopes of copying jesse's idea, had to have it. it has been torture not looking to see what other cute cats are involved and finally it is the year 2009.

may i present to you.... {drum roll please} ... JANUARY!

{to be honest, it's not my favorite and this calendar better have some cuter cats in it than this}


kellycarter said...

I give this cat a 2.75 out of 10. The score would be even lower if it wasn't wearing a scarf

alyx said...

agreed. ragdoll cats are the worst.

alyx said...

i just thought of something... maybe you get what you pay for you know? i only spent $1.00 on this calendar. what if i had purchased a calendar for $10.00? higher quality maybe?