Friday, January 16, 2009

a new room for a new year

it's winter time and i wanted to post a few pictures of my new lovely house. it is so adorable! my roommates are simply lovely as well. this combination makes for a great winter season!

come by and visit sometime!

{457 N 500 E}

{the view right outside my window}

{i have an empty space on my wall so i made a few collages from our adventures at Festival of Colors and images from Art in America}

{luke looks slightly mentally retarded in all of these pictures}

{flying cupid bebeh}

{split her in half so that both have a part - king soloman}

{lookin like a dorky girl}

{it goes tick tock tick tock}

{a collage still happens on the wall}

{and the hutch is still around}

{granite counters and stainless steel.. i will never cook anything worthy of this kitchen}

{i like to eat breakfast at this table}

{the living room has large couches and a tv and a fireplace}

come visit me!


alisha said...

your house is wayyy too cute!!!! now i HAVE to come visit. and play that piano. p.s. there are no pictures of me in your room...

Hane-nahMarie said...

Charming! You know how badly i want to copy your idea of making collages. WE should do that one weekend. ugh, and i live that orange desk. And I too love cats! I think the January picture is great! And th car clock makes me think of the movie (that I love) Back to the Future. Doc has a cat clock on his wall too.