Friday, January 9, 2009

nice to meet you, 2009

new years is probably my favorite holiday. it is chalk full of idealism and if you know me, you know i'm an idealist.

i just love thinking about how this year is a new start. i can be who i want to be, i can make things different for myself. and i know i could do this any time but i really like how new years is a celebration of this idea.

also, new years resolutions are my favorite things to make. they help me focus on what i want to change in my life and what i could do better to improve myself. here are my last years resolutions:

1. become closer to god through scrippies, prayer, etc. as well as through the gifts god has given me such as art, music, etc.

2. edcucationally i would like to get into the art program as well as LEARN instead of just worrying about grades

3. enjoy friends and time with them. be more willing and open to dating.

4. be more world aware- read newspapers, watch the news, read interesting books

i thought those were pretty solid new years resolutions. i think that i improved in all of the. i have become closer to god and i now read my scriptures every day. i also got into the art program but i need to focus more on learning than grades still. of course i enjoy my friends and i've gotten better at the byu dating scene {which i was never fond of}. i think i have tried my best to be more world aware. i read the NY Times and i watched the election but i could do better i'm sure.

so last year's resolutions went really well but i still need to make this year's resolutions. here goes:

1. worry more about my health. take appropriate vitamins and drink more water and try to eat better.

2. spiritually i would like to continue to read my scriptures every day and pray with more intent than i usually do.

3. really not worry about grades and just LEARN. also get into the BFA program.

4. read more classic literature.

5. be more open to relationships with other people.

there we go! i hope those are good enough resolutions and i really hope that i improve.

what are your new years resolutions? i'd love to know.

happy new years everyone!

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