Monday, February 9, 2009

and so we learned to play outside

yes, it is winter time in this little city but we wanted to play on the jungle gym so bad!
also allison decided to cut her bangs STRAIGHT ACROSS... oops?

{making a buggy face to show her distaste}

{they actually looked really cute when they were longer but she kept cutting them}

{yes... she used a pair of ginger's to cut her hair.}

{so i switched to a mac and my beloved cs2 photoshop was deleted... now im learning gimp but it'll take some time}

{no hands!}

{steady.... steady...}

{"some people are intimidated by alyx's many talents" kelly}

{just look at that form!}

{we need to go back because it was too much fun}

{for some reason this photo reminds me of the agro crag}

{this turned out nice but it was actually an accident... i was trying to get a shot of the next picture and i almost fell off the gym but i caught myself and took this lovely picture}

{so fun!}

{sun in the eyes}

{im like a cat... one reason is because i like to sit in high places}

{we really did have a great day that day... that whole weekend was magic}

lately i have just loved being outside when it's cold. you should try it! it looks like it may snow today and you can be certain i will be wrapped up in some blanksies on my porch watching it fall.

i promise a new post soon my lovelies!


Anonymous said...

Allison's hair looks amazingly lustrous in that second photo :)

Hane-nahMarie said...

I'm like a cat too! well, most girls are raelly. Because we all gain fat in the winter and we like to be held. And there we have it. Girls are like cats.