Tuesday, February 10, 2009

give us a comfy couch and some hot cocoa

hello again, my lovelies!

this was the same day as the snow pictures. we were bored, we had a car, we had a cafe to go to. it truly was a great day.

{allison and kelly were taking photos so we decided to join in... a competition of sorts}

{this may have been the exact moment when i burnt my tongue. worst ever}

{this is why we are friends}

{penny royal has very nice brick walls}

{weird cow tongue? yes i love it}

{i LOVE chandeliers! they are pretty much my favorite}

{this photo was a glorious accident! she looks like a wee bebeh!}

{then we all tried to look like bebehs... i was unsuccessful}

{kelly's worked a bit better}

{allisons is hilar}

{we were about to leave and then the song Fortress by Pinback came on and kelly had us stay... i didnt mind. i love Pinback}

{random fighting... it's just what we do. accept us}

{karate chops}

{still friendsies!}

{she's scrrrrrrrd gurrrrrl}

{it was to tender... i wanted in}

{so did alyssa}

Overall, we had a very successful day! i love days like this... why can't i be paid to have days like this? that is the question.

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Shelly said...

Love your photos, looks like you all are having way too much fun!!! Love your Feb. Cat too.