Monday, February 16, 2009


horses horses horses horses.

i love them. so does allison. so does dave.

curtis hates them.... so we commandeered them. so that we can pet them and ride them during summer. i can't wait!

{cortez is the leader of the pack and is very selfish and wanted all of the treats}

{an olde timey photo of allison feeding princess}

{i don't feel like my secret was very secret but dave, allison and i all whispered our secrets to the horses in order to build trust (oh how the wine talks)}

{dave and i can't handle secrets and so we ended up telling eachother our secrets later on}

{this is horses round two: leilani edition. she hates animals}

{oh what a delight it is to see the horses}

{friendships forming. there is still hope for leilani and animals to peacefully coexist}

{cortez is a greedy baby and he bit me but it may have been my fault}

{what is allison thinking about????

{i love this one}

{princess and i bonded this last time... she will most likely maybe allow me to ride her this summer}

so there are our horse adventures! these horses are going to be good friends.


kellycarter said...

take me with you next time!

Anonymous said...

i love these pictures!!! everyone looks so cute.