Thursday, February 12, 2009

lately i have been posting pictures of everyithing that's happened in the past couple weeks in order to catch up. i wish i could post recent pictures but these are necessary... also having found a lomo effect for my GIMP program, i'll be posting crazy looking photos.

here are a few from the time kelly, allison and i went to salt lake. oh the days when kelly had a car...

{we recently watched CHIPMUNK ADVENTURE. and loved it. and found MANY turtle neck floor length dresses when vintage shopping}

{for lunch we went to a little french cafe and ate the most delicious food and pastries!}

{so i love the lomo effect on this picture... so fun. i can't wait to get an actual
HOLGA and figure out how to do this}


{if i had the money, i would taste test
ALL of them}

{don't we all? this is graffiti i found in the bathroom stall of the french bakery}

{on our way back, we decided to take pictures in a filthy old british looking telephone booth... and we may have gotten honked at by a bicycler}

{reverse colors}

{i love antiques but i think vintage shopping will always leave a weird feeling on my hands}

this day i bought two pairs of loafers, a top, a skirt and an enormous king james version bible. they were some great finds!

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kellycarter said...

reverse-color Kelly looks possessed.

And the biker didn't honk, he jingled his bell at us... which is way cuter.