Thursday, February 19, 2009


so a couple weeks ago, i got my macbook. her name is maggie and i love her very much. she is the new addition to my family {consisting of a polaroid camera named harold and an external hard drive named harrison}.

i documented the occasion and luckily, kelly came over right as i was unpacking my new beauty.. she was able to take some pictures of the event.

{this is the note that i left for the ups guy just in case.... i REALLY wanted to ensure my new compy's safety}

{look at this box! smilin at me like it knows what's inside}

{way too ready to be cutting up the box}

{very carefully i opened... for fear of scratching my new computer. that's a silly fear huh?}

{there was tons of plastic packing pillows}

{ugh... i was way too scared to open the box. too scary to actually have a nice compy}

{the packaging was lovely}

{again with the knife}

{sucka whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat}

{so soft}

{then for the next few minutes it said hello to me in many different languages. yes i filmed it. yes i'll spare you and not post the video}

RIP MONA {my old computer}. she was good to me.

wilkommen maggie!


Kevin said...

You better keep Maggie clean!! :)

alyx said...

i will keep her clean in your honor kevj!