Thursday, September 10, 2009

the girl with the dirty face

i have decided to return! {we'll see how it goes..}

i work in a greenhouse and it's the best job i've ever had and one that i would want to keep forever. i wish it was possible. basically i water plants all day but in the past couple weeks i transplanted pansies. we get them when they are just baby seedlings and we have to put them into larger plots so they can keep growing.

we finished transplanting and now we're just letting them grow until they're big enough to put in BYU's planters. they'll probably be done in a week or two..

{this is the north house which is FULL. it takes the longest to water}

{they're just so pretty right?}

{this is the south house.. the first room only has tropicals and the farther room has my favorite pansies}

{this is the citrus mix and beyond it is the sky blue}

{i just expect them to start singing to me like alice in wonderland}

{i adore these pansies}

so i think when i finally have to say goodbye to them i'll be a wee bit sad to see them go... but not too sad because watering them all takes FOREVER.

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Shelly & Scott said...

Hi Alex,
I love all the beautiful colors of pansies you water. It gets me thinking ahead to wanting to plant some pansies. I think Kelly wishes she could work there too. Have fun up at school this year. Love, Shelly