Sunday, September 13, 2009

one quest over

i finally found the supercomputer hidden away in the crabtree building at BYU.

lo and behold it's a dell.

{this isn't it... but it looks like four of these put together with...}

{... this logo on the front}

so it has been my personal objective to find this fabled supercomputer ever since curtis wiederhold told me of it's existence. so for my job we water all of the plants inside of the buildings on campus and this building has a few. with the help of my coworker jenna standing, i have searched this building, gotten lost in it and embarrassed myself in front of countless engineers in the hopes of finding it.

but that changed last friday.

jenna, liz pletch and i were all standing in the crabtree elevator together when an engineer also stepped in with us. while we waited for our floor i burst out and said "so jenna, too bad we never found that super computer". then the engineer {his name was mike} looked over and said "oh i know the code that gets you into the room where you can see it through a glass window". "oh do you? would you take us" i said. "now?" mike said and i batted my eyelashes real nice and before we new it we were upstairs and he was typing the code into the door.

we all walked in, feeling a little bit awkward because it was a room full of engineer students {guys} in the computer lab. but then the tapping of their fingers on the keypads seemed to turn into little prayers up to the behometh that was the supercomputer called mary lou.

it was beautiful.

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lizpletsch said...

I feel so priviledged to be in your blog! This was a wonderful day.