Friday, October 9, 2009

my projects

so i've been sick for the past.... oh i don't know... about seven weeks now and i've probably spent MOST of that time in bed. it's been an interesting few weeks.. you know how we're always told that we go through trials for a reason? i have learned so much but i'll save that for later on.

so i've spent a lot of time in bed... and from the start i knew i needed things to entertain me {while i'm awake} so that i don't go crazy from being alone and unable to move.

{i destroy books}

my first project was steinbeck's east of eden... oh my goodness it is one of the best books i've ever read. definitely a favorite. yes yes it's an intimidating 800 pages but to a sick girl, every page is gold. it has one of my most beloved fictional characters samuel hamilton and the most malicious foul character i've ever read about cathy trask. also i loved the idea posed in the single hebrew word timshel... we have the ability to choose {2 nephi 2: 27}.

i loved this book. read it.

{i cannot express how much i love this show}

my next project is probably the most embarrassing. while i loved east of eden sometimes i just needed a break. whether the reason was i had been reading for 4 hours straight or i loathed cathy or i had a high fever and needed an easy distraction... the answer to my problem was veronica mars.

her dad is a PI and she solves the murder of her best friend lilly and she's in high school and she's friend's with a gangster and she's a smart a. i just loved how clever and well written it was and kristen bell is a great actress.

even though i love it... i will admit that watching 3 seasons {22 episodes each} was a bit much. one time i looked at my shower and thought "how long ago was it that i was hiding in the shower while holding a puppy?" and then was like no no that was just a dream. oh but no wait... IT WASN'T ME. IT WAS VERONICA MARS. oops.

sorry that i have been absent.. i will be back in business soon enough!

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