Monday, October 19, 2009

oh to be a cute little fishergirl

fall colors are here!!!

and to celebrate, darrell and i went fishing up provo canyon.

{so there were these fantastic red bushes that grew next to the river.. the color was remarkable next to the greenish blue of the river}

{i think these colors are my favorite... the yellow with a reddish tone with the blue sky and greys of the mountains}

{provo river in fall is absolutely lovely}

{hazzah for my photography class that showed me how to do this!}

{darrell got three bites and caught a fish... a brook trout perhaps}

{the loot.. but we threw him back}

so no i didn't catch any fish. i don't know what i would do if i actually caught one. probably feel really guilty for making it's life yucky for a couple minutes before i throw it back.

it might all be in the attitude though.. i don't really want to catch a fish and so i don't catch one. darrell and i did have the exact same pole and lure pretty much so i think it's true. the only difference was 'tude.

so darrell caught a fish.. it was cute and slimy. i almost touched it.


i wanted to.

but i didn't.

anyway.. so darrell caught a fish and then a couple minutes later he was back at fishing. i called over to him as he was casting and said "i better be the one to catch the next fish" JUST as he gets a bite and the fish flopped out of the water.. but it got away. get. out.

so i loved it. the river was lovely. darrell was good company.. it was a grand way to spend a monday afternoon {or any afternoon for that matter}

thanks for fulfilling my wish darrell!