Monday, October 26, 2009

remember that time my cat gave me a black eye? i do.

{my lil cotton face}

i was maybe 8 and it was thanksgiving. tons of family came into town and everyone was having a good time eating enchiladas, sipping coke from red plastic cups and playing cards. it's what we do.

my aunt willy and uncle bud had brought woody their dog at the time {rip.. best dog ever} and so our cat milo was confined to the back room so that he wouldn't attack the dog {milo is viscious}.

well he got out one day and i picked him up to take him back to the room. i was walking down the hall just when woody comes out of one of the rooms. milo freaks. he instantly got out the claws to brawl and in his panic he clawed my face and punctured me right below my eye. his claw got caught on my cheek bone and so i had to pull his claw out while he struggled.

i ran {with milo still in my arms} to the back room and then sat in the bathroom with blood all over me and my eye swelling up. i didn't know what to do. how could i ruin the party like this? my mom would get freaked out and she'd have to help me instead of having fun during the thanksgiving get together.

i sat there for a long time.. until my little sister found me and went to get my mom.

i had a black eye for a week.

my cat gave me a black eye.

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