Monday, October 19, 2009

what's in a word {the final part}

i think that being truly homesick is missing the people we love.

{kelly's wedding.. disneyland edition. i miss my sisters and my mum}

{dad.. i wish i was playin cards with you!}

{my nieces got into the Desitin.. niev was found desperately trying to rub it into rowan's face.. i have never met rowan... and it's a shame. i wish i knew her!}

{see! a nephew that i have never met... hudson is adorable and i don't even know him}

{niev looking adorable.. i wish she was here to give me fashion tips}

{my seeeester.. i call her every day but that doesn't mean i'm not homesick for her}


{my bestie... i miss everything about you alisha and i miss my second family the sabrowsky's}

of course we can be nostalgic for the city we grew up in or for a certain place but when it comes down to it... being "home" is being with the people we love most.

right now i am with people i love... i love the friends i have here. but i'll admit that right now i may be truly homesick for the people i don't get to see.


Carly said...

bah! i miss you so much! i love the video of alisha making pie!

Brian and Kelley said...

you're killing me with all the homesick! i miss you and love you. it is the time of year for fun sized items! plus, hudson would love to know more about his mysterious aunt alyx....