Monday, November 2, 2009

bring on the new year

{it's a rainbow!!!!}

so everyone is really excited about the holidays.
i think that is great! and deep in my heart i am also pretty excited about the holidays.

BUT. all i want is the new year. i want it to be the new year so bad.. i want to be washed clean of all of the heartache and comic tragedies that occurred.

i want new years resolutions and i want to be finished with school whenever i want to be.

i want to make BIG life changes! i want to find small ways to change the world!

i want to stay up until midnight and relish the first few minutes of the year of alyx!

next year is my year.

get used to it.


Darrell said...

i secretly love this blog.

Luke said...

Alyx, your blog is really cute. It's happy. And cute.