Monday, November 30, 2009

can i be ira glass when i grow up?

thank you ira glass for entertaining and inspiring me while i paint!

{if i wasn't lds i would get this tattoo so fast.. does that make me the biggest nerd?}

you can listen to my favorite episode here
the following video was added at my friend luke's suggestion.. it rocks.


Luke said...

i am SO honored

Luke said...

and, you are a nerd, but i would get a stephen hawking tattoo, so that makes me one, too.

Will Kindrick!! said...

ira glass is the best!! i listen to this american life at night as my bedtime story.

p.s. i stalked your blog!

alyx said...

stalk it any time you want will!

and that's great that this american life is your bedtime story. awesome.

Darrell said...

I heart that man.