Friday, November 20, 2009

exhibit at the jfsb

my 480 class put together a collection of pieces for Education in Zion that related to
truth and light

{we worked on this installation piece together.. it took us 8 hours which is a lot of hours}

{the final installation.. the concept had to do with how we acquire a secular and spiritual education and how Christ also acquired knowledge by descending below and ascending above all things.. it's put more eloquently on the statement. go see it!}

{this is my piece.. oh how i loathe it. it's just so different from what i normally do that it just doesn't sit well with me. but it's about how the veil is lifted from us in order for us receive more light and truth and as the veil is lifted and we obtain more knowledge, there is a greater weight of responsibility put upon us}

{Sunny Taylor}

{Naomi Deighton}

{Melissa J}

{Morganne Wakefield}

{Paige Crosland}

{Ashley Isenhour}

{Anna Boughtnton}

{Tiana Birrell}

so there you have it
go see it!! it'll be up at the bottom of the JFSB spiral staircase until January 30


Carly said...

these are all sooo good! wow!

sandi said...

very cool, Wish i could see it in person! I like the instaltion by the staircase, neat concept!