Saturday, November 7, 2009

my little projects!!

these are the diddies that i've been working on for the past semester.

{this is for an exhibit that is going on campus at the bottom of the JFSB spiral staircase. it's a religious piece about the responsibility that comes from having more truth and light in our lives}

{i have a lot to do but i swear i can finish! it'll happen}

{my workspace!! hazzah!!}

{also i've been working on new paintings. this one is hardly finished but i'm loving it so far}

{close up.. it's inspired by a photo that i took of strangers at venice beach, ca}

so now that you're caught up.. any thoughts?


sandi said...

wish I could see your show my dear, Im sure it will be wonderful! Is this the big bfa project before you graduate, I cant remember how much longer you have-good luck!

Lori said...

I love your project space!

Honeybee said...

cool painting! I remember doing many a sewing project at that table upstairs. Good times :)