Friday, November 27, 2009

my thanksgiving

no tegwyn, i was not raised by wolves.

{but i understand why you would think so}

so i didn't have the moneys to go home for thanksgiving.. i never do.
{don't worry.. i plan on marrying rich!}
and so tegwyn insisted i come eat thanksgiving dinner with him and his family.

it was so nice of
him and alisa..
all the food was delicious!!

but my favorite part {meaning the most outrageous part} was when tegwyn and his brother in law tim started to make suggestive jokes right in front of me, forgetting that i was still in the room.


things i am thankful for:

ponies, popscicles, ranunculus flowers, kittens, christmas lights, magic, black magic, jump rope

oh and also
my family, friends, roommates, coworkers and my cat milo.

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