Wednesday, November 18, 2009

no way this is something that really happened

so i have been trying to have a good attitude about this semester.

but let me let you in on a little secret:

my life right now is a
comic tragedy.

it is the truth.

today i went to class late as i was having lunch with leilani and catching up. this class is like 3 hours long so no real biggie. i was about to step out of the elevator towards my class when i realized that i had my keys in my pants pocket and took them out to put them in my coat pocket so they wouldn't accidentally fall out.

they are in my hand when they literally slip out of my grasp and
{i knew they would before it hit the floor}

fell down the crack
and into the elevator shaft.


Goratrain and Ian-ator said...

I wish I had a picture of your face when that happened. I think it would keep me laughing for months.

PS--I laugh at others' tragedy.

Brian and Kelley said...

this is in fact exactly the kind of thing that would happen to you. but, not next year. not the year of the alyx. no sir....