Friday, November 6, 2009

not in my house

SPIDERS: fascinating.. in theory i love them, outisde i love them

in my room: not cool. not cool, spiders.

so while i was sitting on my bed, maria had just come into my room when a HUGE SPIDER came down from the ceiling and plopped onto the floor.

maria went to inspect while i was absolutely furious!! how dare this spider be in my house and how dare it be so large and how dare it drop from the ceiling!!!

so maria was trying to touch it with her shoe but accidentally scared it so it ran under my shoes and some of my clothes. that's when i flipped.

i screamed and i think i yelled "NOT INTO MY CLOTHES!" and then jumped {while screaming} on top of my clothes and crushed my clothes down until i was fairly certain it had died.

then i felt bad for having killed a living thing so violently.

but i literally panicked at the thought of a spider in my clothes. but literally i was out of my mind and my roommate looked at me and said "are you really afraid of spiders?"

no.. not really.

am i afraid of spiders in my clothes and in my shoes?

yes. because they should never be there.

{ps. i was going to post a picture of a spider but a spider does not belong on this blog.. plus i google imaged "spider" and the results were disturbing... too many spider wounds}


Luke said...

whenever i get grossed out about bugs or aliens, i look at peaceful pictures to get it out of my mind. here's a good one:

alyx said...

ugh you nerd!!!

Luke said...