Monday, November 16, 2009

things i've been thinking about

these are the top 5 things i think about instead of doing my homework

1. i absolutely adore everything david sedaris writes and i want to be amy sedaris when i grow up.

2. remember that time pope john paul invited break dancers to the vatican and then blessed them while they did their routine??? yeah.. good times

3. aliens on mars? yeah.. check it out. looks like big foot.

4. did this really happen??? really??? hahahhahah

5. lady gaga... this one is slightly embarrassing but i think she's great. 4 hit singles on her debut album... outrageous right?? i love the song paparazzi maybe to much.


Allison said...

remember how all these things are on my mind too? not so much lady gaga but a tiny bit.

Carly said...

ALL of those. 4 REAL. especially the break dancers. and this:

Anonymous said...

im just really jealous of her bling-encrusted microphone.

Allison said...

question: do you think you could ever seriously wear diapers and force yourself to pee in them and not pull over to go to the bathroom? or is that strictly a crazy person thing?

alyx said...

i don't think i could ever do it.. i mean i've never even been able to force myself to pee in the ocean before.