Friday, November 13, 2009

um.... excuse me?

so i was feeling pretty glum this morning
{possible because tegwyn had us all come in an hour early for work to do a setup}
and i was walking home from work..
deep in thought and apparently looking exactly how i was feeling
when i noticed that the boy walking towards me was talking to me.
at first i couldn't understand him
and i'm not sure why but i stopped to talk to him for a second.
mostly because he looked like my friends back in high school.
{leather jacket, headphones, metal band tshirt, heavy boots and tatts}
he then proceeded to ask me if i knew who the wrestler Raven was..
no. no i don't know that one.
so he proceeds to tell me a "funny" story about Raven and his wife.
i laughed and all he said after that was:

"i just wanted to make you laugh"

and he walked away.

i smiled all the way home.. and i forget that when you look happy, people want to talk to you. so a cute girl said hello to me and a cute boy on his bike said hi.. and i said hello right back.

i wonder what enticed him to start talking to me. i wonder if afterward he knew the positive effect it had on me or if he felt embarrassed for having stopped a complete stranger to tell her that.

but remember this talk?

i think he was one of those.

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Anonymous said...

You WISH you had friends in high school... and you wish they looked like that.