Monday, December 7, 2009

birthday bashhhhh and temple poop


so for my birthday
my friends and i went ice skating
at the gallivan outdoor ice skating rink in salt lake

it was a blast!
justin showed off some awesome moves
{he played hockey when he was younger, either that or he was a professional ice skater and one time in his life}

we had a lovely time.. thanks everyone!

{niev looking so cute with her temple poop}

so my niece is the greatest
and this is how i heard the story go:

niev yells to her mom
"come here!"
her mom.. lora.. went to see what had happened
and says "what niev?"
and niev goes "look! i pooped a temple!"

ya you may have cute nieces and nephews
but do you have any who poop temples?
i doubt it.

seriously doubt it.

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