Wednesday, December 2, 2009

farewell best friend leilani fisher!

my absolutely lovely best friend
left to go on her mission this morning.

she's going to the Cherry Hill, NJ mission
and she's going to be a
fabulous missionary.
trust me... just trust me.
ps. kevin and rikki hein.. you better take good care of her!!

{leilani and meliscious at our chanukah party.. "happy birthday jews" -meliscious}

{the beginnings of the fight}

{this girl can MOVE}

{this was taken in a mall where the photobooth wasn't working so we made our own!! also it was the night that leilani spoke jokingly ironic unkind words about small people and we had to run away as there was a small person listening behind us... keep in mind lei is maybe 5ft tall}

{ice skating in salt lake city! so fun!}

{i love this because a. allison is such a dork and b. lei looks like edward scissor hands... which she was one year for halloween}

{i honestly don't remember how this happened but i love it}

{sword and the quill festival thing! lei was so happy to be there... but actually i think she was the one who forced us to go. hazzah!}

{meeting a horse for the very first time... his name is Cortez. she still hates horses to this day}

{very convincing}

{she's a charmer that one}

{okay so i think this deserves some explanation... it was late. it was after the chanukah party and we were all a little crazy but especially leilani... she provoked this fight. also the part where she tries to smother elise she is actually saying "don't breath" in a creepy children's choir sounding voice.. sometimes leilani always sounds like a children's choir. also she would be so embarrassed if she new this was on here... but she's at the MTC now isn't she?? sucka!}

i am going to miss this girl.
ya ya!

if you know her and would like to send her some snail mail
i have her address
just email me and i'll send it to you.

my email is

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Luke said...

aw man!! alyx, that was really special.