Thursday, December 17, 2009

happy birthday to my lovely sister

{i think we would make excellent dinosaurs}

my sister turns 19 today
which is too old.. one more year of tweendom

i once wrote this about my sister going away to college

growing up, kaki and i were naturally best friends. both of our other siblings were nearly a decade older than us and because we needed a partner to catch bugs in the backyard, make believe we could fly around our house, play veterinarian with our pets and play out stories using barbies with, we found ourselves attached at the hip. those were the days when all kaki wanted in life was to marry her make believe boyfriend Tannon who apparently would buy her all the diamonds and barbies she could ever want.

as we grew older, kaki definitely began to find her voice and it became harder and harder for us to remain as close as we were. we grew apart mostly because our teenage personalities would conflict and we would find ourselves squabbling over the tiniest of complications. and whilst bickering and battling with her, i found myself moving to utah to attend brigham young university.

while i've been away, my sister has become my best friend again. she has grown so much that i feel as if i should put a brick on her head to keep her from growing anymore. one of the first times that i realized the difference was when our mum told us that in journalism she had gotten the "little miss sunshine" award. it was a joke in my family for a while because this was never the teenage kaki we knew. but she has become a light in my life because i know that she will always be there for me no matter our differences. kaki is an intelligent, driven and loving sister and i wish her the best of luck at UCLA. even though she doesn't need it!

love you seester

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