Friday, December 4, 2009

it's ma birthday tomorrow!

turning 21... yep.

when did i get so old??
i think i'm getting wrinkles around my eyes!!

but i also think that i thought that last year..
and lei had to talk me out of it

and then the very next week
she came to me nearly in tears
telling me how she has wrinkles under her eyes.

hahahhaha.. we're fools.

anyway. things i have learned my 20th year:

1. they're called plates when doing science, not petri dishes
{wait.. right?}

2. if i lose something, there's no real guarantee that it'll just turn up
{ie. my glasses..}

3. money doesn't grow on trees..
..unless you're growing trees for money

4. making paints and mediums is basically black magic

5. if i think to myself "no, i don't need to go to the doctor", then i probably a. have to have surgery b. broke my sternum wrestling my best friend c. got mono d. have swine flu e. broke my left thumb

that is all


Shelly and Scott said...

Hi Alyx,
I wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday!!! Hope your feeling better too. I know this has been a hard semester health wise. Love your blog. It is so fun, creative and informative. Have a Happy 21st B-day.
With Love, Shelly

alyx said...

thanks shelly! you're so sweet!