Sunday, December 13, 2009

sitting in church

i love church
sunday is literally my favorite day of the week.
and today was awesome!

i realized a couple of my weaknesses

weakness #1

i am terrible at comforting people.
my roommate was in distress during sunday school
because she and her boyfriend were in the process of breaking up.
she started crying during the lesson
and there i sat.
completely rigid.
like a robot.
not knowing what to do but knowing exactly how she felt.
{i did the same thing to my roommy maria not too long ago}
anxiety filled me as usually there is another roommate
there to hug and whisper comforting things
and generally be awesome.
i am not that awesome.
i just got up, went to get some tissue for her,
handed it to her and prayed that was enough.
afterward i said "well i hope things work out"
and she said "no they won't"
what am i supposed to say? what do people say?
why am i the worst at emotions?
maybe because if it was me i would rather people just leave me alone
but most people aren't me.

weakness #2

i laugh inappropriately too often.
today there was a ghostly
noise coming from the walls of our relief society room.
clearly caused by some sort of sound electronic mishap..
and yet i would laugh
and laugh
and laugh and laugh and laugh.
i swear we had casper in the room
and he would make his ghostly sound at just the right moment.
ps. we were talking about joseph and hyrum's martyrdom
which is not something to laugh about.
especially when ghost noises are sounding.
i am the worst.

weakness #3

we went to the bishop's house after church
for a christmas feast!
there was so much good food and fun people
and on my way out i grabbed a plate
and filled it with as much of the chocolates and treats as i felt comfortable grabbing.
which was a lot.
so much that i couldn't eat all of them.
and now i feel guilty and it reminds me of the plates of meat experience.
if you ever want to hear my favorite college story to tell,
ask me about the plates of meat story.
it is probably the best story i have to offer.

all in all, great sunday!


Darrell said...

I comfort Luke by laughing at him when he's in distress. Laughter is the best medicine, right?

Allison said...

i second darrell's remarks. but sometime you just have to force yourself to touch people. hahaha creepy sounding yet true.

Shelly and Scott said...

I loved this writing. You are hilarious. I want to hear the meat story when you come home!