Friday, January 1, 2010

nice to meet you, 2010

so this year was my hardest year.. i don't think i have ever been more challenged. i feel as if i've come so close to failure and yet i'm still standing. the year is over and i accomplished what was necessary with the trials that popped up along the way.

here are 2009's new years resolutions

1. worry more about my health. take appropriate vitamins and drink more water and try to eat better.

2. spiritually i would like to continue to read my scriptures every day and pray with more intent than i usually do.

3. really not worry about grades and just LEARN. also get into the BFA program.

4. read more classic literature.

5. be more open to relationships with other people.

well, i definitely failed #1. i don't take my vitamins and i don't drink more water than i used to and i would say i prolly eat worse than i used to.. my health has been at it's absolute worst this year and i did the best i could considering i had surgery, broke my sternum, got mono, broke a thumb and got swine flu. i'm prolly missing a few but i definitely had a rough year health-wise.

#2 is maybe the only succeeding new years resolution.

oh #3... i decided i don't want to do art ever again in my life. i hate it, i'm sick of it and i think the talents i have can be put to better use. i feel as if in most of my classes i try to just learn at first and then midterms come along and suddenly learning doesn't seem as important as memorization.

i love to read.. i really do. but because of the goings on of this year it was never a priority and #4 didn't happen as i thought it should.

#5 was a toughie and rather unsuccessful.. not only did i have a hard time making new friends with my health challenges but i also feel as if i've neglected a few because of it.

on to 2010's resolutions

1. try to create a sleeping schedule and stop taking sleeping medication

2. continue to ready scrippies and pray daily in order to become closer to God

3. focus on learning at school but also learning as much as i can at the greenhouse as it is my new life goal to be a greenhouse operator

4. make reading a habit again instead of a luxury

5. make new friends but keep the old {one is silver and the other gold}

6. keep a positive attitude

this is my year. it is the year of alyx.
it will go so much better than last year, i just know it.

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Pedertrawn said...

what about your resolution to visit your big sister and her beautiful baby boy in order to become the somewhat less mysterious aunt alyx?