Sunday, January 3, 2010

question: do i sound like a valley girl?

so this is something that i have wondered for years
possibly because my friend bfalc told me i sound like a valley girl when i get really excited.
is it true?

he's not the only one.
i have had multiple close friends tell me i have an accent.
not a cute one!
a valley girl one.

and you know what? maybe i do.
and maybe i might someday admit to it.
and it's true that when i get really excited i tend to slur all my words together like a little kid.
but doesn't everyone?




Pedertrawn said...

yes, you have a valley girl accent. so does kelley, kaki, your mom and even ian has some valley girl-like inflections when he talks.

don't feel bad, i talk with a southern draaawwl

alyx said...

oh come on brian... you wish you had a draaaawwl.

Brynn said...

I agree with Brian! You guys all have it!

Pedrom Adeli said...

I don't remember you sounding like a valley girl, but I don't know... something could have changed over the course of time I haven't seen you.

Thaddeus said...

I think you and valley girls share a common mother tongue, but you're a lot less airy. Your dialect is much more intelligent-sounding.

luc said...


Darrell said...

No, i do not think so. But I like it when you get excited. Like about fishing.