Thursday, February 18, 2010

i love science. fact.

science project!
so i am a nerd and happily accepted these bacteria loving plates {also called petri dishes but apparently it's not cool in the science world to say petri dishes} as a gift from a friend.

they were lovely... all i had to do was wait until a friend of mine or myself caught strep so that i could do science.

thank you megan!
{she's my relief society president.. and she kindly obliged by wierdness}

this is what grew from my throat swab

this is what grew from hers

this is about as far as i saw this science experiment going but i guess the next logical step would be to take samples from each and look at them under a microscope in order to see the difference between the two.

that way next time i think i have strep i can repeat this whole process to see if i really do or not.
{this is a joke because i think this whole project has taken about a month}

but alas i don't have a lab partner anymore..
i will keep them in my refrigerator until a future date.


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