Wednesday, February 3, 2010

poltergeist v. the bad seed

it has come to my attention
that on facebook everyone is doing this thing where they change their profile picture to a picture of a celebrity who they have been told they look like... a doppleganger.

although usually i tend not to follow/notice facebook trends, this one is hard to ignore.
i haven't recently been told i look like a celebrity.. if i have it's usually only to reference the fact that the celebrity and i have the same hair color.

BUT when i was still very wee {like first grade status} i was told often that i looked like someone on tv.. and even later on in my teen years, my friends would mentioned in passing that when i was little i either looked like rhoda from the bad seed or carol anne from poltergeist.

which do you think?
{this is me when i was about the same age as the other girls.. it's the only one i have on my compy right now}

{i sort of think carol anne from poltergeist}
{also poltergeist haunted my childhood and set me up for many of my current phobias}
{what does it say about me that both of the actresses i've been told i used to look like came from scary movies?}


Pedertrawn said...

it's carol anne. sorry. you just kinda did, though at the time i told people they were crazy, i see it very clearly now. i guess i didn't want to acknowledge that sweet little alyx looked like she could be in a scary movie! wait! what does that say about how i acknowledge you now?!

Allison said...

I want it to be rhoda, but its carol anne

John said...

It's Carol Anne. Sorry if that makes you phobic of your childhood memories (that would suck!).

Darrell said...

I feel like it is the Bad Seed one, whichever that is.

kAkI said...

definitely Carol Anne. that last picture of her especially looks like it's one of your childhood pictures. and you are a creeper so it makes sense that you look like you belong in scary movies.