Thursday, March 4, 2010


lately, i have been thinking about moments when i first realized something that now seems really simple.

1. the use of pockets. keep in mind that until the 4th grade, i wore bicycle shorts every day to school and i loathed dresses and jeans ergo i had no reason to think about pockets. the first time i realized the true nature of pockets was after watching cinderella's evil stepmother lock her up and put the key in her pocket.. it would turn sheer sometimes so that you could see in and understand that the key was still in there.

2. animals and humans are made of the same stuff. this discovery happened early in my elementary career and i had just been so excited to buy my lunch. it was fried chicken. i took a big bite and when i looked down at the meat, i noticed a vein. i have really translucent skin on my wrists and i looked from the vein in the fried chicken to the vein in my arms and realized what i was eating. my mom assured me that it's ok to eat meat but i secretly knew then in my heart that it wasn't and now i openly know in my heart that it isn't.

3. college. this discovery actually took a really long time which is a little bit embarrassing but honestly it was undiscussed in my household perhaps because we as a family are not really into college sports {or sports at all}. it was maybe end of elementary school when i decided what i wanted to do in life... oxford university. i'm not sure how i found out but i remember thinking i could just read all the time and study cool things there for the rest of my life which sounded great {still sounds great}. i thought that most people either got a job, or went to oxford. i was headed for oxford. it wasn't until late middle school when my friends were all talking about college that i realized that oxford is for smarty pants and i'd prolly have to plan on going to a crummy state college {i didnt know what BYU was for another year or so when my brother was trying to get in}.

anyway... i'm finding it fascinating trying to figure out what i learned and when.

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Luke said...

alyx. you could still go to oxford. the pockets thing fascinated me.