Friday, June 11, 2010

my very first world cup

yes i've never been a big sports fan, it's true. but lately i've gotten into basketball. it started with the ncaa championship bracket thing {oh no.. it's only been a month or two since they finished and i can't remember the name} when i was forced to make a bracket and started following it religiously. next i started following the nba playoffs {go LAKERS.. darrell, why you be hatin??} and now i'm way excited about the world cup.

so today was my first day. last night i was SUPER pumped because i was looking up world cup theme songs and advertisements and teams and where to watch it streaming online {i still haven't found a great place to watch.. know of a good site?}. today, as soon as i woke up, i looked up the score of the mexico v. south africa game and then when i went to work, we watched the last half of the uruguay v. france game. i wasn't too enthralled {maybe because no one made a goal the whole game} but this may be because i'm not cheering for either team. uruguay was awesome though.. even though i heard france has one of the best players in the league.

i'm still excited though and you better believe i'll be watching the usa v. england game tomorrow. i can't wait to relive the revolutionary war! woot

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Anonymous said...

What did I tell you?! It is the boringest sport ever if you aren't participating.