Monday, June 28, 2010

wisdom teeth OUT

pretty much.. they hurt like a B. four of them came out relatively easily after i told them profusely to shoot me up with more local anesthetic but the last one was absolutely awful to get out... took nearly fourty five minutes. the next couple days haven't been too bad.. i was eating normal things and doing normal things but now i'm trippin because my mouth is radiating pain.

dry sockets? is this what it is? has anyone else had it who could tell me what it's like? or am i just sore from having been eating normal foods? i can't tell.. all i know is that i'm hurtinggggg and i want it to stopppp.


Allison said...

you probably shouldnt be eating normal pretty sure i ate tomato soup for like a week, but i was overly cautious. have mashed potatoes or somesing.

kellyweed said...

don't eat normal foods or you WILL get dry socket. I think if you had it you would know because you would have an exposed nerve and therefore you'd have extreme, unbearable pain. Eat soft or liquid things because anything that takes too much effort to eat can make your stitches or blood clots come out. It kind of sucks to limit your food choices, but you'll be grateful when you heal faster. I lived on mashed potatoes, tomato soup, Ensure (chocolate drink like slim fast, but minus the whole weight-loss thing), and pudding. Pretty much anything that can be swallowed easily.

Thaddeus said...

Mine was terrible because the doctor nicked the back of my throat (above the uvula) and it caused the most massive canker sore to develop! That hurt worse than my missing teeth.

Also, don't use a straw.